Garden Hand Tools

Garden Hand Tools

STANLEY® Garden Hand Tools Professional Landscaping tools with a 10 year guarantee. All available from UK stock.

In 1843, Frederick STANLEY® started a small shop in New Britain, Connecticut, to manufacture bolts, hinges, and other hardware from wrought iron. With superior quality, consistent innovation, and rigorous operational improvement, STANLEY®’s company defined excellence, and so did his products.

Every STANLEY® Tool is created to help you work better, smarter and faster. Our Discovery Teams work side-by-side with real tradesmen every day to see how they work and identify ways to help you improve your performance. It means our tools all come with something extra: understanding. From the generator which delivers the power you need, to the Inverter which connects everything, everywhere. We create tools that help you be the best you can. We understand that there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve done a great job, and being respected for it by the people whose opinion really matters – the guys you work with.

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Key Lines

  • Cultivator


  • Pruning Saw

    Pruning Saw

  • Loppers


  • Hedge Shears

    Hedge Shears

  • Fork


  • Precision Secateurs

    Precision Secateurs

  • Digging Tools

    Digging Tools

  • Watering